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Exchange is a marketplace that entrepreneurs of all experience levels can use to find, buy, and sell online businesses built on Shopify. Every listing on Exchange will feature reliable insights that you can use to check how much traffic the business has generated, and how many sales that business has made so far. Exchange only lists store data from whitelisted sources which they can verify prior to publishing each and every listing, so you can rest assured that the data is correct.

This is fantastic news for everybody who is buying a Shopify store. And remember, there are stores of all shapes and sizes on the Exchange Marketplace. You can find starter stores available for a couple of hundred bucks, and proven successful businesses which can sell for more than six figures. From here, there are four methods that you can use to find a business on the Exchange marketplace. This will direct you to a page that displays the 24 stores that were most recently listed on the Exchange marketplace.

Joint ventures and partnering

Use this method to browse through the latest online businesses for sale on Exchange. You can find this tab at the top of the page. Looking for Oberlo dropshipping businesses for sale? There is a dedicated category for those listings too. Honestly though, our best advice for those of you who are interested in the Exchange Marketplace is to just hop over to their website and play around with the features we mentioned above.

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New kinds of capital

Turned out, she was right. I had no idea how to prospect, write proposals, package up services, or price things properly. I spent the next 6 months building up a side-hustle that let me make those mistakes with a safety net my day job. In that time, I attended as many events as I could, listened to every podcast on sales and entrepreneurship, wrote a ton of terrible proposals, got rejected by prospects I shouldn't have been rejected by, and made a lot of bad cold sales calls and cold email pitches.

Access to Unilever

Listening to Vanessa's advice saved me tens of thousands of dollars in burnt runway cash and a lot of mental anguish. By the time I was ready to go full time, I was confident in my skills as a consultant and sales person - and even had some glowing testimonials under my belt. With a Bachelor's in Literature and a Master's in Psychology, I'd had zero business training in my life, save for some memorable conversations with my dad who is an entrepreneur.

Until that point, I believed business wasn't "for people like me. In Sethi's course, he taught us to think about business in terms of "solving problems. Business was about "adding value" to others. Sethi taught me to stop thinking about what I can do and start thinking about what people need. In the academic world, I'd been trained to think about myself. My interests, my research, my goals, my credentials, my my my In the real world, I needed to learn how to make a case as to why anyone should care.

From that point on, every interaction I had changed from "Here's what I can do!

When I implemented the "What do you need help with? I wasn't pushing my services onto anyone. I was pulling their problems out and offering to help them solve them.

The Questions Every Entrepreneur Must Answer

Before I took Sethi's course, I'd sit down with prospects and spend 30 minutes talking about myself - what I could do and why I have the answers. It was annoying at best, unprofessional at worst. Learning to shut up was one of the most effective sales tools I've learned to date. My close rate shot up exponentially because I learned the subtle art of asking questions. I made prospects do the talking instead of me.