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برنامج روائع الأدب العربيّ - الحلقة 1 The Arabic Literature - Episode

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Modern Arabic Literature (The Cambridge History of Arabic Literature)

He consults with publishers around the world, specialising in multilingual texts. He has worked with, amongst others, Sanskrit, Portuguese, and a dead Australian aboriginal language from the Sydney Bay area name unknown. He lives in Oxford, UK, and in his spare time travels, plays the piano not as well as he used to, and inches his way ever closer to finishing a PhD on the sociolinguistics of Brazilian Portuguese. Prior to this, she served as a training and translation executive for a governmental agency in the UAE and has experience in the private sector in the United States and in her native Jordan.

He is the author and editor of more than twenty books on Arabic Studies. Mohammed Rustom obtained a Ph. An internationally recognized expert on Islamic philosophy, Sufism, and Quranic hermeneutics, his works have been translated into Albanian, French, German, Persian, Spanish, and Turkish.

He had published on various aspects of the emergence of Islamic civilization and has also conducted archaeological work in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, and currently Azerbaijan. Marcel Kurpershoek is a Dutch Arabist and diplomat. He has served in many diplomatic postings, including as the Netherlands ambassador to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Poland and, his last assignment, as special envoy for Syria. He studied in Cairo and at Leiden University where he held a chair in Arabic literature and politics while serving as Middle East and North Africa director at the Foreign Ministry Tim Mackintosh-Smith is a fan of Arabic travel literature, and the author of several books of his own travels.

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He obtained his Ph. His research and publications deal with Arabic literature, Arab folklore, oral epic traditions, medieval Arabic autobiography, and a variety of different musical traditions of the Middle East and medieval Muslim Spain. Modern Arabic Literature by M.

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  • Add to Cart Add to Cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Wishlist. This volume of the Cambridge History of Arabic Literature provides an authoritative, comprehensive critical survey of creative writing in Arabic from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day. With the spread of secular education, printing and journalism, a new reading public emerged.