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Organ Sonata, Op. Accompanying music to the performance of Estonian gymnasts at the all-union physical culture days, Op. To Homeland, Op. Drouth, Op. Crabapples, Op. Dedication, Op. Song Without and End, Op.

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Better Be Silent Juhan Saar 3. One Star Helgi Pork 4. Song Without and End Helgi Pork 5. The Song of Our Days, Op. Valuoja, Op. Three Dialogues with a Sea, Op. The Call 2. Storm 3. Painful Light tenor, piano Text: Juhan Smuul.

Song Without an End, Op. Appletrees Have Blossomed, Op.

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Forget-me-not, Op. Rainbow, Op. In the Snow Harald Suislepp 2. Contemplation Erni Krusten 3. When Was It? Ralf Parve 5. Mowing Ain Kaalep 6.

MACDOWELL: Piano Sonata No. 4 / 6 Poems / 12 Virtuoso Studies Classical Naxos - Marco Polo

Fragments from Hiking Trail, Op. Someone Adolf Rammo 2. Yearning Minni Nurme 3. Larks Jaan Kross 4. Seasons, Op. Run into the Winds Marie Under 2. Everything You Want! Debora Vaarandi 3. On the Autumn Way Muia Veetamm 4. Riddle Me, Op. Sleek Wings 2. Important Man 3. Buzz 4.

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Lost 5. Apples 6. Grey Balls 7. Who Is Waking Little Juku? Spring Songster mezzo soprano or baritone, piano Text: Muia Veetamm. Five Folk Tune Developments, Op. Three 2-voice canons, Op. Three Solo Songs, Op. Waiting [Oodates]. Annual Rings, Op. Listen to the Wind! Mart Raud 3. Voice Doris Kareva 4. Cat's Cradle, Op. A Little Song Ellen Niit 3. In Distress Jaan Kross 4. Cat's Cradle Paul-Eerik Rummo 5. I Fear Mart Raud 6.

Songs of Cold Sun, Op. Leaflet 3. Time Is a Moment mezzo soprano, cello, piano Text: E. Tinn, V. Drop Song [Piisalaul]. Ballad of Siberia, Op. Eight Songs, Op. Yearning, Op. Andante tranquillo - III.

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Presto Op. A Tale - II. Witches' Dance Op. Barcarolle - II. Humoreske Op. Forest Stillness - II. Play of the Nymphs - III. Revery - IV. Dance of the Dryads Op.

MACDOWELL: Piano Sonata No. 4 / 6 Poems / 12 Virtuoso Studies

Night at Sea - II. Ballad Op. The Hindoo Maiden - II. Stork's Story - III. In Tyrol - IV. The Swan - V.

Slavonic Dance, Op 46 No 7 for Woodwind Choir

Visit of the Bear Op. Larghetto calmato - II. Presto giocoso - III. Largo Op. Humoreske - II. March - III. Cradle Song - IV. Czardas Op. In the Woods - II. Siesta - III. To the Moonlight - IV. Silver Clouds - V. Flute Idyl - VI. The Bluebell Op. From a Fisherman's Hut - II. Scotch Poem - III. From Long Ago - IV. The Postwaggon - V. The Shepherd Boy - VI.

Monologue Op. The Eagle - II. The Brook - III. Moonshine - IV. Winter Op. Clair de Lune - II. Dans le Hamac - III. Danse Andalouse Op. Prologue - II. Soubrette - III. Lover - IV. Witch - V. Clown - VI. Villain - VII. Sweetheart - VIII. Epilogue Op. Hunting Song - II. Alla Tarantella - III. Romance - IV. Arabesque - V. In the Forest - VI. Dance of the Gnomes - VII.

12 Virtuoso Etudes, Op. 46: No. 5, Elfentanz

Idyl - VIII. Shadow Dance - IX. Intermezzo - X. Melodie - XI. Scherzino - XII. Hungarian Op. Largo maestoso - II. Molto allegro, vivace - III. Largo con maesta - IV. Allegro eroica Op. Novelette - II. Moto Perpetuo - III. Wild Chase - IV. Improvisation - V. Elfin Dance - VI. Valse Triste - VII.