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Invasive non-native species cost the world billions of dollars each year, threatening biodiversity as well as human health and the way ecosystems work. While ecologists understand how and why alien plant and animal species spread, a global picture across different organisms and ecosystems is lacking.

Professor Roy, an ecologist at CEH, said, "Biological invasions are large-scale processes and cross-boundary collaborations ensuring knowledge on invasive non-native species is shared between countries is essential to advance understanding and enable successful implementation of strategies to manage them.

Invasion ecology focus at symposium

Recently, a team of CEH scientists including Professor Roy collaborated with the UK government to develop a new app to record and monitor sightings of the Asian hornet. Details of the British Ecology Society symposium: The macroecology of alien species.

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Some of the issues discussed at the symposium were explored in a Guardian news article: Alien species invasions and global warming a 'deadly duo'. CEH is developing a Hacking the Green revolution Are you a student?

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    Contents Abstract Citation Links. Abstract Authors contend that invasion ecology requires a universal, measurable trait of species and their interactions with resources that predicts key elements of invasibility and ecological impact. Citation Dick, J. Links Functional responses can unify invasion ecology. Explore the topic International aid and development.

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