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Peterson , Experimental investigation of temperature and volume fraction variations on the effective thermal conductivity of nanoparticle suspensions nanofluids , Journal of Applied Physics , vol. Lee, S. Choi, S. Li, and J. Ferrouillat, A. Bontemps, J. Ribeiro, J. Gruss, and E.

Ferrofluids Magnetically Controllable Fluids and Their Applications Lecture Notes in Physics

Li, Z. Technol , vol. Wang, X. Xu, and S. Das, N. Putra, and E. Nguyen, F. Desgranges, N. Galanis, G. Roy, T. Chen, Y. Ding, and E. Tan , Rheological behaviour of nanofluids , New Journal of Physics , vol. Aladag, S. Halelfadl, N.

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Doner, T. Duret et al. Philip, P. Shima, and E. Raj , Enhancement of thermal conductivity in magnetite based nanofluid due to chainlike structures , Applied Physics Letters , vol.

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Shima and J. Lett , vol. Parekh and H. Lee , Magnetic field induced enhancement in thermal conductivity of magnetite nanofluid , Journal of Applied Physics , vol.


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Ferrofluids - Magnetically Controllable Fluids and Their Applications | Stefan Odenbach | Springer

Brown , Thermal Fluctuations of a Single??? Domain Particle , Journal of Applied Physics , vol. Pop and S. Odenbach , Investigation of the microscopic reason for the magnetoviscous effect in ferrofluids studied by small angle neutron scattering , Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter , vol.

Wang and C. Holm , Structure and magnetic properties of polydisperse ferrofluids: A molecular dynamics study , Physical Review E , vol. Rosman, J. Janssen, and M. Rekveldt , ferrofluids, studied by the small??? Jordan , Association phenomena in a ferromagnetic colloid , Molecular Physics , vol.

Hayes , Observation of association in a ferromagnetic colloid , Journal of Colloid and Interface Science , vol. Timofeeva, J. Routbort, and E. Singh , Particle shape effects on thermophysical properties of alumina nanofluids , Journal of Applied Physics , vol. Prasher, D. Song, J. Wang, and E. Phelan , Measurements of nanofluid viscosity and its implications for thermal applications , Applied Physics Letters , vol. Chevalier, O. Tillement, and E. Ayela , nanoparticle suspensions under very high shear rates , Physical Review E , vol.

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Garg, J. Alvarado, C. Marsh, T. Carlson, and D. Kessler , An experimental study on the effect of ultrasonication on viscosity and heat transfer performance of multi-wall carbon nanotube-based aqueous nanofluids , International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer , vol. Kwak and C. Kim , Viscosity and thermal conductivity of copper oxide nanofluid dispersed in ethylene glycol , Korea-Aust. J , vol. He, Y. Jin, H. Ding, D. Cang et al. Ghasemi, A.

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Nkurikiyimfura and Y. Wang , Heat transfer enhancement by magnetic nanofluids???

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A review , Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews , vol. Jang and S. Choi , Role of Brownian motion in the enhanced thermal conductivity of nanofluids , Applied Physics Letters , vol. Prasher, P. Bhattacharya, and P. Series Lecture notes in physics Online Available online. SAL3 off-campus storage.

M36 F Available. More options. Find it at other libraries via WorldCat Limited preview. Contributor Odenbach, Stefan. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references. This book is meant to be both an introduction to, and a state-of-the-art review of, this topic. Written in the form of a set of lectures and tutorial reviews, the book addresses the synthesis and characterization of magnetic fluids, their hydrodynamical description and their rheological properties.

The book closes with an account of magnetic drug targeting. Subject Magnetic fluids. Bibliographic information. Publication date Series Lecture notes in physics, ; Note Also available on the Internet to registered users. Note Available online to Stanford-affiliated users. ISBN alk. Browse related items Start at call number: QC