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Q: Delicacy manages to balance tragedy, comedy and romance in equal measures — and in a very slender novel. How important was it to you to keep your writing streamlined? Do you think the sparseness of the language gives the emotions a greater stage? DF: I do. The same holds for the film. We wanted to give the tragedy its due, and for life to rekindle soon after.

For me, humor is the best way to express everything, from anguish to love. It makes things bubbly, sometimes absurd. And the sparseness brings out the emotions. Q: Delicacy has been an enormous success in France — both in terms of sales and critical acclaim. What about critics? The book has exceeded a million copies. I get lots of letters and emails and Facebook messages. Though humor is so important in the book, people mostly talk to me about the serious things. As for the critics, my previous books got very good reviews and were translated in several countries.

It was one of the most beautiful days of my life. Toggle navigation. Q: Do you have a favorite chapter or footnote?

Delicacy A Novel

Well, I haven't heard of either this book or movie but I'm now off to look for both. By: Martha Hey, I want to read that thedavi4 gmail. Most couples love to tell each other their stories and assume their meeting had something exceptional about it; countless pairings formed under the most banal conditions are, all the same, spiced up with details that produce a minor thrill. In the end, they try to analyze everything. To listen to them, they are suddenly struck by a unique charm that gives them permission to brave their customary shyness.

No one had ever dared.

One of her friends had told her: nobody ever stops you because you have the look of a woman hounded by passing time. Who would say such a thing? He tried to define the least definable thing that exists: confusion. Why had he stopped her? It had mostly to do with the way she walked. So he took himself firmly in hand both hands, though at that moment he wished he had four. Especially because this really was the first time for him. Right then and right there on this sidewalk, they were meeting.

An absolutely classical beginning, which is often how things that end up less so start. He stammered the first few words, when suddenly all of it came pouring out, crystal clear. A somewhat pathetic and desperate, yet terribly touching, energy took control. Therein lies the magic of our paradoxes: the situation was so uncomfortable that he pulled through with elegance.

This created a breach in the anonymity.

Delicacy: A Novel

He even remembered having been kind of a romantic teenager who was capable of following girls from good families right up to the door of their apartments. Although prey to the dictates of physical desire, he remained no less a romantic man, believing that the realm of women could be shrunk to one woman. Her choice would be crucial. No one was entitled to drink a decaf when it came to this type of encounter. Just met, and already settling into some kind of dull cocoon.

Yes, tea is indisputably in-law territory. Then what?

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No good for this time of day. You could have qualms about a woman who starts drinking right away like that. What was left now? Might as well ask for a straw, too, while she was at it.

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Finally he decided that juice was good. Yes, juice, that was nice. You can sense the kind of sweet, well-balanced woman who would make such a choice. But which juice? Better to avoid the great classics: apple, orange, too popular. It would have to be only slightly original without being completely eccentric. Papaya or guava—frightening. No, the best is choosing something in between, like apricot. Apricot juice: perfect.

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At that precise instant, Natalie raised her head from the menu, as if emerging from a long reflection. It was the same reflection in which the stranger opposite her had just been absorbed.

Physically, he had something she appreciated in men: he was a little cross-eyed. QiDian Yuewen. Get the App Forum Library Inbox. The Only Delicacy T. Read In Library Add to Library. Read on mobile device Report story. About Table of Contents. Synopsis A beautiful yet poker-faced 17 year old girl strived to survive by facing each hurdle with confidence, perseverance, and diligence all in the hope to gain her mother's affection and approval.

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