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Getting Bit by the Treadle Bug

Leave zipper open to its greatest length. Remove as much wss as possible. Trim screen wire and wss from teeth edges to first line of stitching. Immerse bag in tepid water to dissolve wss. Lie flat on a towel and roll the towel around it, like a burrito. Squeeze out excess moisture and hang to dry. If you are in a rush, a blow dryer speeds up the process of drying the zipper tape. The loop should hang down with raw edges extended a little beyond the seam allowance. This creates a loop handle. Close zipper a few inches above the bottom raw edge. Fold the bag inside out with the closed zipper in the center of the seam line.

Fold top in half with zipper at one side. Begin stitching at zipper just above the first tooth. Back stitch for reinforcement. The open toe foot gives best visibility for those first stitches.

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Insert a length of monofilament into the shaped butterfly. Place it inside the bag and stitch it to the top seam, leaving the butterfly suspended. What fun! Jane, what a wonderful idea! Adding a book would make this a fabulous gift for any child, girl or boy. Thanks for the great suggestion. What a clever idea! This will keep your little one occupied while they learn about many little critters! I once gave one to a 5 yo friend and he filled it with toads in about 15 minutes! We had to free them before they died from being crowded in their. But he was so proud of his catch.

How sweet is that bag! Wonderful detailed instructions and tips that will carry over into other projects. Thanks, Carol. I appreciate your comment. This is a darling reuse of the old ditty kit pattern. I remember our children making these with you, and how handy they were for camp.

Speaking of camp this would be a wonderful project when I am planning granny camp, As always your instructions are fabulous…. Susanna, this is a perfect piece of equipment for Granny Camp. What wonderful fun that time will be and what fun you will have planning for it. Thanks for your comment and the suggestion for Granny Camp gear. This is so cute. With no shortage of bugs in Florida this little gem would get lots of use. Thanks for the great instructions. Your pictures make it so clear. You are so right about the abundance of bugs in Florida.

A child could fill this bag in no time at all!

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Thanks for your kind comment. Very cute Janice! That little triangle bag is one of the neatest bag shapes I have ever seen. Love the way you re-vamped it into a bug bag. I must have made more than by now, made with sports fabric or embroidered with unicorns and more for birthday party favor bags stuffed with little goodies. Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

A devotional guide for sewing! Isn't that wonderful?!! I had planned on starting the girls in this at the beginning of July but am just now getting to start! My plan is to have the girls sew with me individually each week. I chose individually because I felt that would be easiest on Mom's nerves!!

About Catch the Sewing Bug!

Now, on to the project!!! The first project we decided to do was the tote bag. The lessons actually start from the very beginning, like teaching them the parts of the sewing machine, threading the machine, supplies ect. They want results!! Forget about all the dry details! However I will and do explain things to them as we work! And maybe later I will come back and "officially" do those lessons with them but for now All that was required for the bag was one placemat and 1 yard of ribbon. The fact that the very first project went to use as soon as it was finished made us very happy!!!

My husband has been very encouraging because he can see results he is proud of his little girl I have attached pictures of our projects for you to see. I have a basic sewing knowledge and must admit I am very impressed and excited and want to sew more myself now!! Thank you for your great sewing books. I love having a "plan" for teaching my daughters to sew and I imagine that I will eventually have to get the book for boys as my son wants to sew his baby brother a blanket for Christmas! In fact, the next summer the six girls worked on your second book, and made all of the projects at our sewing camp.

I am very impressed with your teaching and the books you have produced. Have used your books to teach homeschool sewing classes and everyone really loved them! I especially like that you have a book just for boys. My 14 year old son now has his own sewing machine and has many projects under this belt.

Mystery Bug Catching in the Backyard!! FAMILY POOL PARTY with new toys!

Thank you, and God Bless. I am a 63 year old grandmother that use to sew for the public, owned my own retail stitching shop and I am excited what you are doing for our young people. Sewing is not a dead art YEAH!!!!!!! My church is starting a home school coop with an age range of Blessings, Bethany. Catch the Sewing Bug Table of Contents. Reviews and Comments.

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Table of Contents, Sample Pages. Sewing Teacher Resouces Table of Contents. Pattern Pack - Thanksgiving.

Sallie Jumpsuit: I caught the jumpsuit bug!! - I sew, therefore I am

Pattern Pack - Patriotic. Cloth Doll Patterns. Individual Doll Clothing Patterns. View the Projects in Dolly's Favorite Quilts. View the Projects in Dolly's Dresses. View the Projects in Dolly Goes Denim. Doll Quilt Patterns. Easter Banner Patterns. Scripture Banners. Crown Him Banners. Articles - Sew Much More! Boys Can Sew, Too! Piecing Quilt Blocks. Creative Displays For Worship.

Penny Pinching For Dolly's Sake. The Icing On the Cake! I Can Use That. Catch the Sewing Bug! There is a great sense of satisfaction from being able to actually sew a project

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